hey, i'm mae/jean/cass/whatever name i'm going by this week and i'm the webmaster of this site! :-) i'm entirely self-taught on html & css (began in... june 2022 i believe? could be earlier), i'm 14 and habitually a complete loser. but hey, atleast on the internet you can be whatever you want to be ;-) i also don't really like most social media, i'm rather shy and tend to have quite the misanthropic streak, so...
i started this website partially out of frustration from the rampage web3 is, and out of dissapointment that i couldn't experience "the golden ages" of the internet. so i pulled up my big boy pants and opened w3schools, and after many failed attempts, here i am! not 100% sure what i'm doing, but i sure am enjoying looking at pretty websites in the meantime.

i'm mostly interested in a handful of video games (portal, doki doki literature club, bugsnax, inscryption, etc.), music & discovering new music to listen to, mogai terminology, and general chronic online bullshittery. my personal style is kinda just doing whatever i want tbh. i tried going goth, punk, emo, scene, etc. and ended up just plucking elements from each + whatever i already had on the way. i'm a bit of a poser but thats okay, i've got the spirit i think.

one of these days i'll set up that last.fm, but for now you're just getting a list of musical artists i found particularly note-worthy at the time of writing, woo hoo. ada rook + devi mccallion, the scary jokes, elliotly + melliot, insane clown posse, rural internet, zombae, stomach book, birds fear death, tank jr, machine girl, rumbleragga, goreshit, ghost (and pals), ferry, umbrabyte, organsdotorg, kian, the narcissist cookbook, king gizzard and the lizard wizard, alestorm.

eh i'll add more later i should probably see how this looks first though